10.17.16 WOD

Monday 2016.10.17

back squat
• 5-6×6-8 (2020 tempo)
– one work set every 3 minutes
– 6 reps: 72.5-77.5%
– 8 reps: 65-70%
front-rack holds
• 3-5×10 seconds

I used 125#

9 min. AMRAP
• 6 power cleans (155/105)
• 30 double-unders (sub: 30 sec. DU attempts/30 wall jumps/7 four-count mountain climbers)

I finished 7 rounds at 85#

Moving on

I recently posted the following message in a Facebook Group full of young, independent women, and received overwhelmingly positive reactions.  I then posted the same in an anonymous-author Facebook “confessions” group and was called out for being tacky:

I’m 32. I was in a long term relationship, but left my fiancé in March because of his alcoholism. (Like, legit fled). I don’t think I’ll have a traditional wedding if I’m ever lucky enough to find someone I want to marry. And I’m not dating and not interested in dating at this time. I know I don’t want to have kids. I am purchasing a home by myself and I will close on the home in early November. I should add that the home is a considerable expense for me and I’ll have to alter my lifestyle to afford it. I also don’t have any furniture except for a bed. I lost everything when I fled my ex.

How tacky, in your HONEST opinion is it to pull a Carrie Bradshaw a la “A Woman’s Right to Shoes” and throw some life-event party for myself, because I’m not choosing the traditional marriage/baby route.

Would you be offended if you were invited to a House Warming from me that was accompanied by a registry of some sort? Most of my friends have gotten married or had kids in the past few years and I’ve supported their decisions with gifts and attendance, so I’m wondering if society is at a point where it can handle something like this. I’m in a large city, if that matters.

Yes, I’m serious.

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you think I’m tacky?  Do you think it is okay for a woman to ask her friends and family for support?  At what time in life is it okay for us to ask for help?  When is it not okay?  What would you do if you got an invitation to a party thrown by a single woman?



Upgrade Your Slow Cooker Chicken

One of my favorite, easy, recipes to make protein for the week is slow-cooker chicken with a jar of salsa.  I know a lot of you make it.  But, let’s face it, its time for an upgrade.

PS this chicken photographs horribly.  I blame the crock pot.  It is impossible to take a sexy food porn pic of chicken that’s cooked in a pot for over 4 hours.  This is fact.  Case in point:


My favorite upgrade is to use peanut butter.  TRUST.

PS you can totes make this paleo by switching out the peanut butter for almond or sunflower butter and the soy sauce for coconut aminos, and red pepper flakes for sriracha.

Sunshine Crockpot Chicken:

  • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast (or thighs)
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons sriracha
  • 1 cup dehydrated pineapple
  1. Pour all ingredients into pot, stir a bit
  2. Set heat to medium
  3. Cook for 4-5 hours, or until chicken can be shredded with a fork
  4. Serve over carb or carb substitute of your choice (I like rice or cauliflower rice)


Whole 30 – 30/30 – Results & Thoughts

Whelp, Whole 30 is over and I’m all done.  On Thursday I took some pictures, which I’ll post below.  I didn’t weigh myself but I imagine that I may have lost 3-5 pounds?  My clothes fit better and I have lost some weight in my back.  I’m going to keep going through September until I visit my family on the 15th, in Mississippi.

I didn’t get “Tigers Blood” or any kind of amazing energy that I’m used to getting during Whole 30.  I farted less, which is probably good for most people around me.  I still felt really sluggish in my workouts until I started adding lara bars in the morning before CrossFit.

Whole 30 is still a really good program, and I know it was a lot better for my body to not dig into the snack drawer at work.  Especially when your snack drawer is a fucking giant cabinet and contains cereal, a bucket of candy, a bucket of “healthy” snacks, a bucket of oreos, and a bucket of stuff I’ve never even made it through.

I went 30 days without:

  • alcohol
  • gluten (unless the 2 meals I ate out had it and I didn’t know)
  • processed sugar (same side note as above)
  • soy
  • did I mention ALCOHOL?
  • bread
  • cake
  • chocolate
  • rice
  • diet 7 up
  • basically anything fun… hehe



Its always difficult to see before and after photos of yourself and rack your brain to see if you actually see changes.  I look at my body now, and a month ago and I still some progress but I’m still not happy with what I see.  I want to blame my thyroid, my previous relationship, myself for indulging more than I should, all of the excuses.  I want to be happier in my skin, and I know its a long process.

back progress

I think I can see a difference in my back… Left is before, right is after.


I can’t see too much of a difference in my stomach.  I didn’t take profile pics, which is where most of the difference probably shows.  Left is before, right is after.


Back in 2014, I did my first Whole30 and had really good results, despite having broken my leg during the 3rd week.  Pictures from that Whole30 are below.


I was wearing a size 8/10 in the below photos while currently I’m a 10-12-14, depending on the brand.  Its crazy how your body can change over time.



My goal is eventually to get back to this body composition and weight.  It’ll take me a while, but I’m making progress towards it.  🙂