Your Home: How to not smell like a litter box

Big shout out to my downstairs neighbor who turned me on to the Breeze Cat Litter system.

I use the following products:

Breeze Cat Litter System

Mid Century Modern Cat Litter Box hider

Chest Cat Litter Box Wash Room

Litter Genie


Space Pirate

Look at this little goof.

Watney was under-socialized, so I walked into PAWS and requested the craziest kitten they had.  “Pirate,” the girl at the front desk told me.  I went into the kitten room and picked him up.  He put his two paws on my chest and meowed at me.  “Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked.  We went home shortly after and Watney was in love.  The two are such great playmates.



unplugging from my apple watch

I forgot to put it on the other day.

And I forgot to put it on the next.

And I like this new me.  The new me that isn’t always checking my phone.  The new me that isn’t aware of the time.  Or the next meeting, or the next alert.

The me that’s a little less… unplugged.  But not all the way unplugged.  Just a little less.

10.17.16 WOD

Monday 2016.10.17

back squat
• 5-6×6-8 (2020 tempo)
– one work set every 3 minutes
– 6 reps: 72.5-77.5%
– 8 reps: 65-70%
front-rack holds
• 3-5×10 seconds

I used 125#

9 min. AMRAP
• 6 power cleans (155/105)
• 30 double-unders (sub: 30 sec. DU attempts/30 wall jumps/7 four-count mountain climbers)

I finished 7 rounds at 85#